WVRPS by Warpsound Thematic Rarity Rankings

Creator-guided, mathematically sound, thematic rarity rankings by Rara Avis

DJ Dragoon Nayomi Gnar Heart
DJ Dragoon Nayomi Gnar Heart
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1/21/2022 WVRPS by Warpsound Version 1.0 Thematic Ranking Release Notes Initial rankings based on pre-release metadata JSON

1/26/2022 WVRPS by Warpsound Version 1.1 Thematic Ranking Release Notes ERROR CORRECTIONS: A. 15 Gnar Hearts had Fanny Pack (Cyan) or Shoulder Bag traits that overlapped one of three other Gear traits (Amp Backpack, Fog Machine Backpack, Jetpack). This caused the overlapped traits not to show up in the metadata and not be included in the rarity score for those tokens. The best fix to maintain the integrity of the ranking math for WVRPS was to move all Gnar Fanny Packs or Shoulder Bags to the Accessory trait category, where they would not overlap with any other traits. We were then able to give proper ranking scores to the 15 Gnars that weren’t getting credit for their Amp Backpack (6), Fog Machine Backpack (4), or Jetpack (5). We did not move all Fanny Packs and Shoulder Bags for DJ Dragoon and Nayomi because they would overlap other Accessory traits. B. We identified a typo with the "Dapper Suit (Yellow)" trait where there was another trait with a three "p" misspelling "Dappper Suit (Yellow)." The correct spelling trait had 103 tokens while the misspelling had 86 tokens. Combining this set will have a net decrease in rarity score for the affected tokens as they are now part of a bigger set, 189 tokens total. C. Double Earring (Gold) and Earring (Gold) trait categories were switched. This has been corrected and has no impact on rarity scores. GENERAL It’s significantly complicated to QC 10,000 piece sets with over 50 traits each Due to the large amount of moving pieces in the metadata, rendering, and minting processes occasionally the humans in the loop will make mistakes (as humans are known to do) Our best practice is to let the froth settle while holders get their eyes on the tokens they love, once we’ve identified any mistakes, corrections will be made to make sure that the rarity scores for the whole set are accurate After a couple weeks of continued QC we will certify and lock the rankings We will be 100% transparent in this process as any issues are identified

WVRPS by Warpsound Version 1.2 Thematic Ranking Release Notes 2/01/2022 Error corrections: A. The Stoned Vibe trait was incorrectly extended and overwrote the existing skin color for DJ Dragoon and Nayomi where it occurred. We’ve reverted the affected Goon (26) and Nayomi (37) tokens to their original skin color. This created two more matches for Gold and Merch Black Themes and reduced the overall set of Stoned Skin traits increasing their scores. It reduced scores for the original skin traits by varying degrees depending on the affected skin. B. 39 Nayomi tokens had an incorrect color t-shirt trait – T-Shirt (White), when it should have been T-Shirt (Black). They have been corrected. This reduced the overall number of T-Shirt (White) traits (increased scores) and increased the number of T-Shirt (Black) traits (reduced scores). C. Token #6337 was incorrectly assigned a Red Headset trait, it was removed slightly reducing its overall rarity score.

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